Offer Of Service

Program Delivery Services

Offers of Service volunteers involved in program delivery will be responsible for the execution of one program element during the core program days. Each program element will come with complete instructions and all materials to deliver the element, as provided by the CCJ staff. Core program will be offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All program staff will be assigned to a special program activity on our celebration day, on Wednesday. Training for your element will be done on Sunday, prior to the commencement of CCJ'20

A listing of the historical activities from CCJ'16 and their description are below as a reference of the types of programs to expect.

Activity Name Description
Golden Quill (the Artist)’s Shirt Painting Create a unique shirt design that represents you to your Lair Mates, family and friends.
Mowgli Gets the Red Flower (Fire Lighting) Mowgli uses the Red Flower (fire) to help him defeat Shere Khan. Knowing how to lay and light fires in all conditions and how to use fire responsibly are skills worth knowing – useful for cooking meals outdoors and there is a lot of fun and fellowship to be had around a camp fire.
Rama (Water Buffalo)’s Swimming Place Let’s get wet and have some fun!
Keneu (the Eagle)’s Rockets Learn Newton’s Laws of Motion the fun way by building a rocket and then sending it so high it will be difficult to see it until it comes gently back to earth!
Chil (the Kite)’s Archery Arrows fletched with the feathers of a bird are intended to fly straight and true – can your arrows hit the bull’s eye?
Banderlog Village Like the monkeys play games on our village made of ropes and spars – see how useful it is to know something about knots and lashings.
Kaa’s Blindfolded Rope Maze
Jacala (the Crocodile)’s Obstacle Course Climb up, down and around Jacala’s obstacles with your Lair Mates. In a Pack team work is what’s important to get things done – is your Lair up to it?
Ferao (the Woodpecker)’s Wooden Book cover Create a cover for your CCJ passport from wood selected by Ferao just for you!
Bagheera (the Black Panther)’s Tracking Bagheera is ready to show you how to read the story left behind in tracks of wild animals!
Dinosaur Hidden Secrets What existed before man and what evidence did they leave behind? Explore some of this world before man with the help of staff from the Royal Ontario Museum.
Limmerskin (the Wren)’s Messages Over many years there have been changes in how we communicate – explore the ways to communicate best in different conditions.
Baloo (the Bear)’s Pioneering Beavers learn to build dams with sticks and mud but out of the Pond Cub Scouts need to build items that will be useful in our Jungle environment.
Council Rock Olympics Mowgli the Man-Cub has been taught many skills by his Jungle friends but to be successful he will also have to live an Active & Healthy life. Hear the call to gather at the Council Rock to test yourselves in our Olympic Games.
Rikki-Tickki-Tavi (the Mongoose)’s Ability Awareness Rickki-Tikki-Tavi uses all of his senses and abilities to help him in any situation. Differences between us make for some interesting play and some surprising abilities to overcome obstacles that make the whole team stronger.
Ahdeek (the Reindeer)‘s Leather Pouch Create a pouch out of the soft skins that are available so that you can more easily carry your Passport throughout the Jungle!
Keego (the Fish)’s Great Crawfish Hunt Keego needs help to find crawfish in the river at Everton. Learn how to see underwater and notice how the crayfish move. Are they slow or fast?
Iagoo (the Story Teller) Explores Other Cultures Build and experience the mystical, far away sound of water falling! Iagoo will help you build your own “Rain Stick”.
Hathi (the Elephant)’s Foozeball Who would have thought that taking a small game and making it really big could be so much fun – be part of a whole Foozeball Team!
Singum (the Lion)’s Sling Shots Mowgli needed to hunt in and around his Jungle home. Practice and improve your ability to hit a target with one of our sling shots.
Raksha (the Mother Wolf)’s Lantern Create a design in a tin lantern that will decorate your space and light up your world!
Kaa (the Python)’s Treasure Hunt There are places to visit and find various hidden items that Kaa has left for you to find. Use a compass and join in the fun of a scavenger hunt wolf cub style!
Sahi (the Porcupine)’s Lego Competition Join Sahi for fun with Lego building blocks that are provided by a team from Legoland.
Mang (the Bat)’s Astronomy Adventure Mang, who only comes out at night, is anxious to show you some of the exciting things that are in our night sky.
Ko (the Crow)’s Dissections Ko is a scavenger who knows well the inner workings of things he has eaten. Join our MedVents for some interesting discoveries of how the body works.
Grey Wolf (the Father Wolf)’s Robots Learn how to program a robot to make it move around and explore a planet far away.
Shada (the Pelican)’s Water Wheel & Wind Turbine Share what Shada has learned about water and air movement and the opportunities that they present to generate power
Mor (the Peacock)’s DNA Extraction DNA records the structure of each living creature – Help Mor remove some DNA from cells.
Shakespeare is Buffo

Sub Camp Services

Offers of Service who volunteer in the sub camps may be assigned to either the participants or OOS subcamp. Both positions involve creating the “home away from home” for those attending CCJ’16. Duties may include site planning and allocation of space to groups/individuals, communication to all attendees of weather, news, activities and special events, delivery of coffee and mug up, campfires, and in general, creating an atmosphere to make all feel welcome, safe and comfortable.

Food Services

Offers of Service who volunteer in Food Services will assist in organizing the participants through the food lines, serving food, packing snack coolers for the participants to be used each day, and coordinating food provided to special dietary groups. Although all of our food is prepared by our wonderful caterers, ensuring that the delivery of food to our participants is vital to happy campers.

Site Services

Volunteers with our existing Site Services staff will be involved in the ongoing running of camp. This may include filling and delivery of water jugs throughout the camp, garbage collection, delivery of coffee to subcamps in the morning and mug up drinks and snacks at night, preparation of campfire materials and other activities as required by the staff.

Admin Services

Offers of Service on our admin team will help with processing of paperwork in many aspects of the jamboree. Assistance may be required in processing registrations as our campers arrive at Everton, sale of merchandise on site, paperwork for individuals arriving or departing on site during the week.